All About us!

Our team has created a welcoming environment where youth of varying ages come to receive the highest quality of training to exceed fitness goals. We are here to instill the path of living a healthy life style. Join our SkyRaider family in making a difference in the lives of all youth!

Kid’s Fitness Class 

This program is designed with the intent of developing, progressing, and maintaining the overall health and fitness for youth ages 6 & up.

The development of the program is strategically formulated to create a transverse foundation for any youth that wants to pursue a lifestyle in both individual or team sports. The program will be administered through a one hour coach lead class.

The SkyRaider Youth Fitness Program (SYFP) will help to build functional strength through movements such as squatting, pressing, pulling, running, hip hinging, and core stability.

The SYFP will also dedicate time to improving aerobic capacity, which enhances the ability to do more work for longer periods of time.

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